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Recipes to make the internet of things

Tweeting Toaster

PrintAuto Draft This recipe is by Hans Scharler. It is already close to 4 years old but still a good example of an internet-enabled device. With this recipe you can make you toaster oven tweet when a new toasting is … Continue reading

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Sprinkler system

PrintAuto Draft Rating: 51 This device is a long standing member of my wish-list for our garden. I’d love to be able to schedule the daily sprinkle of our summer lawn. Ray provides us with a programmable valvle controller that … Continue reading

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Vending machine

PrintAuto Draft Rating: 31 Control you refreshment supply via the internet!IngredientsAn old vending machine phidget controller board iPhoneInstructionsThis vending machine was built by Chris Varenhorst, but he unfortunately neglected to post a complete build instruction. For details see the write-up … Continue reading

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