Willem van Doesburg

Hi, My name is Willem van Doesburg. I’ve been making things for as long as I can remember. Even as a kid I was fascinated by computers and programming them. The concept that an idea can be expressed into code and that the code makes a device do what you want it to is still amazing to me.

With todays interconnectedness of almost everything, this concept is only gaining in scope and depth.

In daily life i’m chin-deep in the software business. Besides that, I have a wife and two little -ones to keep me busy. If I happen to stumble on some spare-time I like to spend it on building, writing and thinking about the Internet of Things.

I have a background in Artificial Intelligence, software, systems design, sensor networks and human factors research. Current IoT projects I’m working on are focused on connecting things around the house (that are supposed to make my life easier but are mostly and excuse to work on this stuff). I’m building a smart security cam that knows when to go on and off and to use (i.e. control) the hall light to brighten the scene in front of the camera when needed. To me connecting things to the web is not that difficult, to get them act in a¬†coordinated¬†goal oriented fasion in a flexible and adaptable way is the real challenge.

I hope you find some useful information on this blog or else some inspiration. Feel free to contact Erik or me with any of your ideas or questions.

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