Haptic shoes

So there are this haptic shoes invented by the Indian Anirudh Sharma. The shoes have pressure actuators on left, right, front and back side. By activating the actuators, a blind person can feel with his feet where to go. The shoes receive directions from an Android smartphone routeplanner application. The smartphone uses its GPS to detect the current position of the person and sends signals through bluetooth or other wireless protocol to the shoes (left, right, back, forth) when a turn has to be made. In this way a blind person can easily navigate through a city. Basically, the principle can be used in all situations with bad visibility (e.g. mountain walkers in a fog or snowstorm or or soldiers in a dark night who have to walk a route and cannot switch on a light to check a map).

I can see this shoe in combination with the catching robbers using swarms use case. Imagine a police officer wearing these shoes while tracing a suspect. A swarm indicates where the suspect is, the shortest route from the police officer to the suspect is calculated and corrected in realtime depending on the movement of the suspect (for this, the routeplanner has to be smart in the sence that it is optimized for interception). The optimal route (and realtime route updates) is sent to the shoes of the police officer, who can feel in which direction he has to run without having to check a map on a smartphone. When nearing the suspect, the shoe’s actuators can start to vibrate more intense to warn the policemen that the suspect is near and that he has to take care.

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