Build your own wireless IP camera

Build your own wireless IP camera

Build your own wireless IP camera


    You'll need the following skills:
  • - Know how to work with Linux from the command line
  • - Be a able to solder (not required if you can find the right jumper cables)
  • - Be able to program Ansi C
  • So this project might not be for the beginning IoT-Maker. But I'll make the software available for those who do not want to program themselves.
  • Now on to the Bill of Materials:
  • 1x PIR sensor SB0081 (available from Futerlec): 5.2 EUR
  • 2x Webcams Trust Invido (available almost everywhere): 8.90 EUR
  • 2x USB hubs Trust Vecco (available almost everywhere): 5.95 EUR
  • 1x Sweex LW053 : 8.80 EUR
  • 1x 4GB usb memory stick : 5 EUR
  • 1x Bifferboard low power PC-on-a-Module : 45 EUR
  • Total cost: 93,70 Eur

I’ve been wanting to write a post about this for a long time now. So let’s dive into it:

If you are away from home for a longer period (say a vacation) or you spend a lot of time at work. It is convenient if you could look into your home from a distance, just to keep tabs on things. Wireless IP camera’s are perfect for this purpose.

A Wireless IP camera connects to your home network through Wi-Fi and allows you to login from the internet to look at the feed. Some camera’s also have motion detection and e-mail you a snapshot or uploads it to an FTP server. Looking around on the web I see these camera’s available for 80,- euro’s or more.

There are some different types. Some are pan/tilt camera’s which allow you to change the orientation of the camera remotely:

Of course the lower end camera’s are fixed and do not have advanced features such as infrared sensitivity and motion detection.

I started building my own wireless IP camera because of three motivations:

  1. I noticed how cheap webcams are today and realized that it would be easy to make your own custom wireless webcam and fun too!
  2. I was appalled at the resolution of these available cameras and thought I could do that better.
  3. I am interested in building low-power low-cost internet connected devices.

And ofcourse it would be nice if the end-result is usable too 🙂

We’ll be making a camera that:

  • Has wireless access to your home network (so you only need to plug it into a power socket and need not worry about any other wires)
  • Can detect motion and make a snapshot when there is something to see
  • Will send you mail when motion is detected
  • Saves images on a local USB stick (for easy viewing)
  • Saves images on a remote cloud service (photobucket), so even if someone takes the USB stick out, you’ll still have the images
  • Works both in daytime and in the evening/nighttime taking infrared pictures
  • consumes very little energy approx. 1 watt
  • Is completely open-hardware and software so you can make it work exactly as you want.

On to the actual making… (continue on next page)

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