Tweeting Toaster

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This recipe is by Hans Scharler. It is already close to 4 years old but still a good example of an internet-enabled device. With this recipe you can make you toaster oven tweet when a new toasting is started and when the toast is done. You'd think this rather uninteresting information, but @mytoaster has 933 followers, as of this writing!

The complexity of this build is rather simple and therefore great for anyone who just wants to try his hand at this Internet Of Things business.

I think the 99$ ioBridge module hooked up to a 10$ toaster is a little out of balance and rather under-use of the ioBridge but it's nice (cathartic even) to see the toasting tweets flashing by.


  • 1x toaster (with press-down lever)
  • 1x contact switch
  • 1x 1K resistor
  • 2x Crocodile clamp jumper cable
  • 1x ioBridge module
  • 1x ioBridge website


  1. Hans put-up a good write-up on his site

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